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Singing in Harmony.....

June 11th, 2007 at 11:31 am

It's funny how you can overlook things until they really strike you. The master bathroom toilet loves to eat itself. We've replaced the innards in that thing a number of times. Sometimes, it will just run and run. Sometimes, it does other things to let us know it is ready for a new part or two. This time it was singing. We've been gone so much that we sorta ignored it until just recently. Until it started singing in harmony with itself. Now, I have never heard a two toned song from a toilet before. And occasionally it would sing opera--long drawn out songs. You couldn't use it at night because you'd wake up anyone in the house. So this weekend after we returned from a family birthday bash, we decided that as much fun as having tunes in the plumbing was, we needed to once again replace the parts. The plumber that replaced the seals and innards in the hall bathroom put some fancy heavy duty thingy in there that we love. Probably if we searched, we could find another one of those. But, in the interest of getting it done in the time allowed, we opted for the local hardware store. Didn't take long because Hubby has done this so many times. And the money is in the house repair fund. But now, no singing. I'm glad, but occasionally I miss the music....

Repairs #1

November 11th, 2006 at 09:50 am

Not actually hurricane related, but we wondered if possibly the house shifted a bit during the storm. Anyway, we had three leaks in the toilet. The plumber was great. Took two visits to finish, but that thing works now and doesn't move. It was worth the money cos it took a blow torch to cut the line to put in a whole new set of parts there and a hacksaw to remove the bolts and put in all new parts with new seals under the tank. That was funny--those guys sawing the tank apart in the front yard. This is a busy neighborhood, and my neighbors were probably wondering what on earth I was up to. One other part was costly, so instead of having him fix the rest of the leaks in the tub, we called it quits at that point. The bill was over 300 by then and my budget wouldn't handle any more. But with company, the bathroom will be sorely needed and I had been saving in my budget for repairs, so we're now on our way. We've been demolishing for awhile. And saving to repair. The roof has been the main thing we've gotten done, along with some sheetrocking. I have been working on the furnace people. I tried to get an electrician like the furnace people wanted, but you can't even get on a list right now. There are too many people rebuilding/building. So I called the furnace guys and they sent out another man to try to fix this almost brand new furnace. They are ordering a part next week. Hope that fixes it. And they didn't charge me! So repair #1 on the toilet is complete. I know that it may not have been hurricane related, but it's a bathroom---I guess I have my priorities!