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Dollars and Sense?

January 31st, 2007 at 09:47 am

Someone on the forum or on the blogs recorded the cost of one of their meals. That was intriguing to me. I have heard the ole "I can eat out as cheap as I eat in" thing before, and I often wondered just how much it did cost me per meal. A couple of days ago, I started adding it up. I've been buying the grocery sale items almost exclusively. And breaking things down into freezer portions. Cooked meals often last two or three meals. And I've been setting up a price book with pages from the forum that I printed out then copied. So I had an idea of what my cost was for each portion of my meals. It was a total surprise! It was very low. I mean really low. We ate for the whole day, including snacks and drinks for less than one meal out. Each meal was about 2.50 or LESS. Some meals were much lower. I was shocked and tickled. I am doing it! I am using coupons (just learning), sales on meat, a price book, and cooking my own instead of buying it already fixed. I love chicken salad and passed over the store stuff. I made my own from leftover chicken from on sale! Cost was smaller than the store. I feel like I am on a treasure hunt. Finding things that I can make myself that will cost a fraction of what I buy. Now the problem I have is that I don't know when to stop buying on sale for the month. I have plenty of food, but the sales are great. I find myself needing to stop because the grocery money for the month is gone....need to work on this glitch.

You gotta try this for fun....

December 14th, 2006 at 09:41 am

My sense of humor is well---bent. My immediate family really doesn't get my humor. I guess when you have been ill, you tend to see humor in some really crazy places. That's why when I found this on a depression disorder website, I could appreciate the humor that put it there.


Be sure and shake the globe. And have your computer sound on. Don't judge me too badly....I take pills for this.....