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Singing in Harmony.....

June 11th, 2007 at 11:31 am

It's funny how you can overlook things until they really strike you. The master bathroom toilet loves to eat itself. We've replaced the innards in that thing a number of times. Sometimes, it will just run and run. Sometimes, it does other things to let us know it is ready for a new part or two. This time it was singing. We've been gone so much that we sorta ignored it until just recently. Until it started singing in harmony with itself. Now, I have never heard a two toned song from a toilet before. And occasionally it would sing opera--long drawn out songs. You couldn't use it at night because you'd wake up anyone in the house. So this weekend after we returned from a family birthday bash, we decided that as much fun as having tunes in the plumbing was, we needed to once again replace the parts. The plumber that replaced the seals and innards in the hall bathroom put some fancy heavy duty thingy in there that we love. Probably if we searched, we could find another one of those. But, in the interest of getting it done in the time allowed, we opted for the local hardware store. Didn't take long because Hubby has done this so many times. And the money is in the house repair fund. But now, no singing. I'm glad, but occasionally I miss the music....

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  2. boomeyers Says:

    The toilet ghost??

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