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A Small Addition....

February 25th, 2010 at 12:27 pm

to my dryer fund. I took a cue from ImaSaver and added in the extra left from my utilities budget to the February coupon/found money totals. That made me reach the next 20 dollar tally for the year, so I added that to the dryer fund. I thought about adding in any extra from the whole budget, but I should put that on debt.

I'm skipping the BIG library book sale in a neighboring town tonight. It would cost me 15 dollars to get in the preview night and then the books are about a dollar apiece. I usually find some awesome buys, but I've bought a bunch of used books this month. I'm calling it even. I've also swapped a bunch, so I have no reason to get more. The last year or so at the sale, I stocked up on books for children and my bookcase in that room is full. Sigh, I just love browsing, but I end up with way too many.....

Utilities extra 11.00
Found money/coupons/sales 2.00


February 19th, 2010 at 11:26 am

sometimes works out in crazy ways. I've worked up our taxes, and we should be getting a smallish refund. I'm not sweating it because next year DD probably won't be able to be counted so we'll lose that on our taxes. Then, we'll probably break even. However, I often don't send it in til March. Yesterday, a horrible event happened in Texas. A man flew a plane into an IRS building in Austin. The mess looked horrible on television, not to mention those poor people inside. My taxes go to Austin. I wondered if that was the building. Can you imagine all the people that have sent their information in only to have it burn up in that disaster? I suppose that procrastinating once again on the tax return might have helped me not to have to restore the paperwork. But, I feel the most for those people and families involved. It is so tragic.

I went to the grocery store for the first time in two weeks yesterday. I had been out of town babysitting DGD for a week, then eating out of our freezer. There, I ate food I brought with me for breakfasts and their food they left for us for lunch and dinner. So far this month, we've only spent about 150 total for groceries. Got a couple more things to get, but I think we can finish more out of the freezer. That total doesn't cover toiletries and paper goods. With coupons and savings, I added a bit to the February total.

Today is baking cookies day, but I haven't gotten started. In the spirit of finally getting some sun and a couple of days of warmish weather, I've been sort of spring cleaning in the book boxes. It's driving the kitty nuts because the books are stored in her room. All this moving stuff around in there is messing with her day. I'm procrastinating there, too. I'm supposed to be priming kitchen cabinets......

Off To A Good Start.....

February 1st, 2010 at 01:16 pm

in the found money department. I only went to the Post Office. A lady about five people in front of me dropped a coin and left it. By the time I got up there, no one had bothered to pick it up so I did. Hey, a dime is a dime. So, ten cents starts off February.

Got more of my tax documents in today. I hope to sit down soon and look it all over. I certainly hope the bottom line is good news. I would really like to have a smidge of a refund to add to our debts.

We ate out last night with a gift card given to us at Christmas. We're not counting that toward the dryer fund because we wouldn't have gone there nor spent the money if not for the card. But, thanks anyway to the inlaws!

I've got to start planning the freezer cleanout before hurricane season starts. I've already been going through the supply pantry to find any outdated or close to being outdated foods and using them or tossing. I am hoping that we will then need minimum groceries for February. Then, we'll start stocking up starting March. A few items at a time. I used to have that stocking up money in the budget. Now, I'm going to try to incorporate it into the regular groceries.

It is such a dreary day, I think I'll go read a book for awhile.....

Found money .10 total