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I Made It!

December 27th, 2006 at 09:16 am

I finished my first Breakfast Challenge. I was not going to buy more breakfast foods for myself for the four weeks up to Christmas. I had so much in the pantry, that I wanted to use up and rotate it. I am paying myself $5 for each week, so that means there is $20 to add to my local CC. I am going to put that on this next bill that is due next week. The big thing is not only did I use up food I already had, but that I was disciplined enough to finish a challenge. I almost forgot a couple of times in the store, but then realized that even though I carry a list, I sometimes get a couple more things that we normally use to add to the pantry. I found that I need to THINK a bit more--not on what I can use, but on what I can do without at that time. I'm wondering about buying a couple of items for breakfast at the beginning of the month and seeing if I can use it all up by the end of the month. Continuing the challenge sort of. I really only need to stockpile more in the hurricane months. I guess my next Breakfast Challenge is to see about doing the challenge each month. It's funny how excited you can get over something like this.....

My New Best Friend....

November 27th, 2006 at 01:13 pm

is my chest freezer. After seeing how the gang here utilizes their freezers, I reevaluated how I use mine. Before I started using my freezer as a storage locker, I mostly put frozen bread, ice cream, vegetables and some fruit in the freezer. If I put leftovers in there, I promptly forgot they were there and eventually had to toss them out. So I didn't really use the freezer well. Now, I find myself freezing everything. And then using it again. Wow, the amount of stuff I used to throw out! And I find myself cooking from scratch more because I know I'll freeze part of it and not waste it. Since the kids all left on Friday, I've been freezing everything left from the holiday. This could be the start of something beautiful...

On the Breakfast challenge. I have a lot of breakfast foods around. I have also spent more than I should have on the grocery budget for this far into my month. So I decided to challenge myself to use up breakfast foods and not buy anything more than milk for breakfast for as many weeks as possible. The goal is Christmas. I've made my list and going to post it on the fridge so when I get tempted to cheat, I'll see my goal and try to keep on it. (If I find a big sale on the usual food, I'll buy it and set it aside for the future and not part of this challenge--but only a good sale!) I am going to pay myself $5 for each week not buying any breakfast foods. That will go with my water challenge to a CC. My goal is to only stock up when things are on sale and learn to use what I have.