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Apologies to Sunshine Suz.....

August 12th, 2008 at 07:29 am

I forgot in my last entry to answer you! We fared great during the storm. We got a bunch of wind, but we had a stronger thunderstorm a couple of days before that. I understand about the disparity in the rain. DS and family moved northwest of us and got pounded all afternoon. We worried more about DIL traveling home thirty minutes from her workplace that we did about the weather here. It was wonderfully cool though. But, the season for us is just starting to ramp up. We've had three storms in four years here. At least, two of them were fairly small. I sure hope that we all get a breather for a couple of years. Stay safe, Suz.

A casualty of the storm was our baby robin. We found him in the bushes after the thunderstorm on the weekend before the bigger event. His mama was sitting on a branch with something in her mouth for him. We worried about the neighborhood cats, and we got paper towels so we wouldn't leave a scent, and Hubby chased him around until he caught him and put him back in the tree branches. We knew he'd be back down after the tropical system. We could hear him cheeping and mama calling after the storm. Back in the bushes again. We waited too late. One of the cats got him. What upset us was it didn't eat him right away. Just killed him and left him. I miss the songs they sang. I don't think we get too many robins here. Someone said that it gets too hot. We had a cooler spring so maybe that was why they were here. I think mama robin was the one who pooped on Grandma. We usually have bluejays in that tree. They don't poop on you, they dive at you. I truly enjoyed the music this spring. Thank you, mama robin. So sorry about little one....

2 Responses to “Apologies to Sunshine Suz.....”

  1. gruntina Says:

    I remember watching an animal show and they were listing the 10 most dangerous cats like the tigers and such. When the time came to number 1 most dangerous cat, it turned out to be the household cats. I was surprised but they say that they are the only cats/animal that hunts for fun which makes them the most vicious.

  2. Sunshine Suz Says:

    WOW!!! My name in the title! I feel like a celebraty. Glad you didn't get "the weather". I'm still watching the radar and praying for rain.

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