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Just Look At What You Guys Did.....

August 4th, 2008 at 12:54 pm

We're facing another possibility of a tropical system clobbering our area with rain and wind. I read the local news that a lot of people are out getting ready. One mentioned that someone ahead of them spent 500 at the store. I'm not being smug, just grateful. Since being on this site, I don't have to make that whopping all at once purchase. You guys have taught me to take it a little at a time and work it into the budget. Just look at what you did!

We finally made it to DS and family's new digs this past weekend. We could go because most things were done. If it was going to be a whopper or if we'd cut it close getting home, we wouldn't have gone. Getting gassed back up and readying the house if too close would have been a nightmare. So, we debated and decided we could safely do both within the time frame. After our return on Sunday, we gassed up and got the remaining medicines refilled. Bought a new small radio and a loaf of bread. Oh yeah, and more toilet paper. Hubby is having a long day at work readying there and has promised to ride it out with me at home. I am not really afraid of this one, but I am leery of trying to board a broken window by myself in the wind. Anything larger and we board up in advance. No need to take any chances.

So, I have the eerie situation of a normal day. I'm finishing laundry from the weekend and watching the weather. Other than preparing for damage or a power outage. Or putting away some papers I've gotten out. This is just plain weird.

My Hubby thanks you.....

3 Responses to “Just Look At What You Guys Did.....”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    awww...glad you are able to take natural disasters in stride now.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Stay safe!

  3. Sunshine Suz Says:

    Hay Jan,

    I think the worse thing about "Old Eddie" was the tv people trying to think up new things to talk about!

    My brother in Baytown did get 5 - 6 inches of rain and a roof leak into his living room. How did you fare?

    My side of town only got 1 inch of rain and I'm still in a drought like state. Isn't it funny how 60 miles can be such different weather?

    And I want to thank you cause this time last year, I made up a folder with all my important papers in it. Now I would just have to grab and go. Being prepared is COOL!!! : )

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