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June 26th, 2008 at 06:55 am

I hate it when I get to the store and find that I've forgotten my coupon or coupons. Or, that I've forgotten my list. I often start to head out and then realize that I've forgotten my bottle of water (it's so hot here) to take with me or maybe go to the bathroom first. Even my cell phone off my desk like I did yesterday. Sometimes, I go back in. And then, I leave the list somewhere. I've started putting the list into my pocket. Or, in the purse right after I realize that the list is on the desk. I made a plan the other day, had my list, and forgot the coupons. I had thought of them, then my mind wandered and the rest of the thought that went something like "put them into purse NOW" registered but didn't make it into action. I limited my purchases so that I didn't lose so much money. And, then there are the times I pick up the list or coupons going out the door and....forget them in the car. I used to leave them in the car on purpose, but when Hubby goes with me, I have to remember to get them from my car because he'll want to drive his. It's easier for him to get in and out of since his surgery. Sometimes, I have the list and the coupons, but forget something on the list and it is in my hand. Sheesh!

I started making notes to myself and sticking them on the computer monitor. But, I move them or get used to them and don't see them. I stick them to the keyboard, but ignore them eventually. I stick them to the calendar or organizer. That helps if I think to look at them more often. Usually, I look at them the first of the week and see what's coming up. I stick them to the glass on my desk. Sometimes, those end up sticking to my sleeves instead. I need a better note system. Or a better coupon system. Or both. And, don't get me started on trying to remember names.....

On the decluttering note, I've gotten rid of a drawer full of loose recipes. I'll never go through and organize those. I have the ones that are recipes from relatives already safely stashed, so these aren't important. They were just "someday" recipes. I reorganized some files and got rid of some more things. I've been working a bit in the hobby stuff. I've found stuff that I didn't know I had and stuff that needs to move on. I found a bag in the garage that had water damage from Rita. It had costume stuff from when DD and class had to do a skit based on Gilligan's Island. I kept the skipper's hat for the dress up bin for DGD, and the rest is damaged and will go.

Hurricane supplies are starting to fill in. I got a couple more flashlights/lanterns and some medical and personal stuff. I need to get a little more food now. And, keep the supply of water replenished. I am trying to only buy stuff that will be used up in the next part of the year. That way, the cost doesn't drive me crazy.

I have decided to think of the debt as a decluttering project. It's not just dollars...but stuff and junk that I don't need. And, it needs to quit cluttering up my life and go......

3 Responses to “Forget-Me-Not......”

  1. momcents Says:

    Are you my twin? From everything you described, you are living my life! I get to the library and forgot the overdue book which is the reason we are there. Same thing with coupons. My "UGH" moment yesterday was when I realized that I recycled a glass milk container that had an $.85 deposit on it. Throwing money away ... DH did point out that it was onl $.85 and I'm moving past it (I struggle lately with getting hung up on the little things - thinking that it is the little holes that will sink my finanical ship). I love the debt as a decluttering project - I'm motivated to tackle mine as a reasonable goal. Have a good day! Enjoyed the post immensely.

  2. Swimgirl Says:

    I hang a canvas bag on the inside of the front doorknob. In it, I put things that I will need later when I go out (even if it's not for a day or two... library books, coupons, ads, letters to take to the PO, things to drop off at a friends, whatever. Then, when I finally do go, I take the bag. (If I remember it, ha ha!)

    The bag really helps for a few reasons. It's neat enough that it can hang there for a day or two and not bother me if I don't get out. And I can look in the bag to see where I need to go (oh, that's right, the library and a friend's house to drop something off.) I put my lists in there, too, along with items that need to be returned to the store, film to drop off, prescriptions to refill. Whatever.

    Might help you?

    We could be triplets!

  3. JanH Says:

    Now, that's a great idea. Obviously, the table by the door isn't working. I walk right past it. So I need something that is staring me in the face. I'm sure I have a small one here somewhere.....thanks for the idea!

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