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He LIKES It...

April 14th, 2008 at 02:41 pm

Remember Mikey and the Life commercial? I've been playing with several varieties of bread in the bread machine. I've never really liked the taste of store bread and don't eat it very much. So, at least a half of a loaf of bread at a time went to waste unless I froze it for something else. I really do like homemade bread, though, but the trick was to see if Hubby would eat it. He doesn't like trying too many new things, and his likes and dislikes are pretty much set in stone. His likes are limited. In the last few years, we've all gotten him to try some new things, and he's found out that he likes more than he thought. So, I've been encouraging him to try the homemade bread, mostly by not buying any other. He's kinda stuck. He's actually admitting to liking the bread...as long as it doesn't have apples or raisins. I love both, so I am making some plainer varieties, too. I held my breath after I finally switched to a more whole wheat variety for him. He LIKED it! He's eaten almost the whole loaf. And no complaining. I am shocked. I am now redoing a whole section of cabinets to hold the flours and such for making the bread in the machine. I don't think I'll be looking back. Now, if I could only get him to like peas....

2 Responses to “He LIKES It...”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    I LOVE peas! Too bad no one in my famiy does. Can't figure out why! Great job in the bread department! I love the idea of a bread cooking section. If it is always handy, you are bound to use it more!

  2. Petunia Says:

    I hear you! We have similar food issues here - DH isn't very flexible where food is concerned. It's great that your hubby discovered that he likes the bread. I'm still playing around with that one.

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