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What Was I Thinking, No. 1....

March 27th, 2008 at 01:02 pm

I was reviewing my Funds budget when I realized that I had way too much money in the Christmas Club. As in, I hadn't paid off Christmas with it yet. Huh? I've been paying the bills, but with the busyness of the last few months with medical issues, I hadn't followed up on some big things. Like paying off the credit card that contained the Christmas bills. Like the interest that was accruing on that card. Like the money was sitting there waiting. Oh good grief. Today, I transferred the money to checking and sent off the check to that card. Finally, I am moving forward a baby step or two....

I have gotten nothing else done today. Well, I did have a couple of conversations answering a question or two from my kids. I have to appreciate it that they like to bounce things off me from time to time. Makes me feel like I'm not too out to sea for them. When Hubby returned my call about his migraine meds, he apologized for being in a meeting. I realized that I had been in one, too. With the kids. Cool.

Hubby has tomorrow off. We'll be taking my car in for its annual inspection. And perhaps to buy a baby gift for the new grandson of the old friend who passed away a few months ago. They named the baby after him. How touching....

1 Responses to “What Was I Thinking, No. 1....”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Ooops! Oh well, you can't remember everything. Nice to know the money was there to take care of the credit card, yeah!

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