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Ack! We've Been Shot At Again....

February 16th, 2008 at 02:54 pm

this time with paint balls. I kept hearing something thwacking outside, but I couldn't place the sound. Hubby and I thought it sounded like a staple gun or something. Then, I took the doggies outside and was standing by the older neighbor's short wire fence when I heard a thwack behind me. I turned and looked at her house and it was yellow and orange polka-dotted! There were at least a dozen bright dots over the back of the house nearest me. I turned and looked into the yard behind her and saw a couple of little kiddoes heading back into their house. Carrying paint guns. Aha! That's the noise I heard all morning. They got tired of target practice in their own yard and tried out the range of their guns on the neighbor. I called her and had to explain just what paint guns were and what was going on. I wanted to help her remove the paint in case it stained her siding. We are going to paint our house soon, so it wouldn't be too bad on our old paint. I didn't happen to see any on our house, but I did find a paint ball outside my back door. I must be just out of range or the wind got it. At any rate, she must have called the backyard guy because the little rascals came and tried to wipe it off. Not the best job in the world. I was surprised that an adult didn't accompany them to make sure it was all gone. Well, at least they know it is wrong to shoot things other than their targets. I could have been hit while I was outside. I do know that my nephews played, but they use goggles and protective gear. I was just walking the dog. Yikes. Between the pellet guns, the paint guns, the sling shots, the ax tossing, and other sorts of activity, the backyard is getting scary. Time to call the fence guy. We need to use the money and get a BIG fence....

3 Responses to “Ack! We've Been Shot At Again....”

  1. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    Lucky for your neighbor you saw it - hope it's not permanent. Yeah, you'd of thought an adult would come alongside and make sure something like that was taken care of.

    Duck, girl - incoming!!!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    How utterly annoying! And possibly dangerous! Why is it that so many people have so little regard for their neighbors anymore? It's good that those boys had to go and clean the paint off - I'm not one to advocate spankings much - but that kind of thing sure seems like it calls for one!

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    I find that awfully rude. Did they realize that they did that? I mean, did they offer to clean it up?

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