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Cat Condo.....

February 6th, 2008 at 09:45 am

When Hubby had surgery, we boarded the dogs once again at the vet's new place. They love it there. I knew they were happy campers. But, the kitty had never been boarded, and I was a bit worried about her since it was going to be for a good while. I ended up having to take her on a weekend and felt bad because she had to reside in a totally new place without people. The only people she would see until the week started were those who came to feed and care for them. Poor Kitty. We decided to rent a Cat Condo at the vet's for her so she could at least spend the following week watching what was going on. The lobby at the vet's has a huge floor to ceiling window beside the desk area. Often, there are three or more people working there, sometimes with little doggies playing around their feet. The condos are three story units that face the lobby area through this window. Each one has a sleeping area, an eating area, and a litter box area. The kitties can climb between the three levels of their own personal condo. I was afraid the price would be a problem, but I felt that she would enjoy the long stay better than in a cage alone. I found out that the condos were only about a dollar more per day than the other accommodations. So, kitty had a good stay and warmed up to the office gals and other personnel quite nicely. She stayed in cat luxury just the same as we did after the surgery. Puuuuuurrrrfect!

6 Responses to “Cat Condo.....”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    What a neat idea, I have never heard of it!!

  2. compulsive debtor Says:

    Geez, that sounds nicer than some hotels I've stayed at. Lucky kitty....

  3. daylily Says:

    We've never boarded our cats. Too cost prohibitive with three of them. The last time I checked into it, it was $12 a day per cat. That's $36 a day and when we leave on vacation we're often gone for a full two weeks. For our last trip of three weeks we found someone to come to the house every other day and I think we paid him $180 for the three week period. Having someone in your house presents other issues though.
    The places around here require the animals to be completely up to date on all vaccinations. We don't have our cats protected against FIV.
    I would consider boarding them though, if it was a set-up like what you describe. All the places around here are just cages.

  4. JanH Says:

    Compulsive D: Nicer than some of the places we've stayed, too!

    Daylily: I was surprised to find that the condo ran about 11 dollars per day. I figured more than that. But, I understand with three animals. Including the two dogs and a discount for multiple animals, it came to almost 300 dollars total for 10 days! The dog costs are determined by weight.

  5. scfr Says:

    That sounds nice. Speaking strictly in financial terms, for single cats it is usually less expensive to have them boarded, but for multiple cats it is usually less expensive to hire a sitter.

  6. baselle Says:

    My vet had one of those too. I used to board my cat there every so often. As cat got older, I would use the sitter, often a co worker. Paid 1/2 to start, the other 1/2 when I got back and saw cat in good condition. Big Grin

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