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Mail Call......

February 4th, 2008 at 11:30 am

Our local mail service has basically been pretty awesome. A couple of times, substitute carriers got the street mixed up, and we all went around redistributing the mail. I appreciate the fact that stuff I mail gets to where I need it to go for very little cost. I couldn't drive it there for that price. But, recently, we've hit a snag. A couple of weeks ago, I tried to hold the mail. Once or twice, I've used the online service, but the mail came one of the days I designated, so I went physically this time to fill out a little card. I went on a Thursday to stop the mail from Friday through Monday. We left on Friday morning and returned on Sunday. There was mail in the mailbox. Monday was Martin Luther King Day so no mail. Tuesday, I was preparing to go restart the mail when the mail arrived at the house. Hmmmmm. Not supposed to be coming without my authorization. I figured that it hadn't stopped at all, so I just stayed home. Wednesday and Thursday there was no mail delivered. I got suspicious because I was supposed to get something on those days. I went down and sure enough, NOW the mail was stopped. Oh well, a fluke. But, I needed to stop the mail for Hubby's surgery the next week. So, I got the same guy I had used before and filled out another card, giving an earlier starting date than I needed so that I could see if it stopped this time. He highlighted it in pink and wrote initials and everything. It worked. The mail stopped. After we returned home, I went on the last day to restart it and pick up the accummulated mail. I got home and nearly met the mail person delivering some mail to my house. Now, that mail shouldn't have been on the truck. It should have still been at the post office. Drat. Didn't totally work. I am frustrated because of all the identity thefts and the papers I got in the mail were important ones. I really didn't want them to arrive while I was gone. I am not sure what to do about this. I am going to mail a box in the next day or so to my Dad. The post office still does a great job of getting my boxes there in one piece. So, I'll continue to use the mail. I'm just frustrated because this isn't a very big place, and I should be able to get this service. I miss my regular mail guy. Wonder where he went.....

4 Responses to “Mail Call......”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    Can neighbors check while you are gone and just toss in a bag for you to collect when you return? Or do what i do and open a po box. it is worth the hassels that come with the mail service not bieng stopped.

  2. JanH Says:

    I bet the neighbors would help out any time I asked. I just didn't this time because they have their hands full with an elderly mom not doing so well right now. But, that is definitely something I'll consider this next time! I'll check into the PO box idea. Would I need to change all addresses to come to that one or could I forward all mail to the PO box while I was gone? That would be a big help!

  3. boomeyers Says:

    My sister uses the PO box because they live out in the country and she does'nt want to risk it. Nice to have, but a little inconvienient too, when the weather is bad.

  4. SingleGuyMoney Says:

    My mail carrier got so bad one time I had to complain to the post office. I would always get someone else's mail and would need to take it over to them. I received some very private mail and they delivered it to my neighbor. Luckily, my neighbor was nice enough to not open it and bring it over to me. All the information someone would need to steal my indentity was in that one letter. After my complaint, it got a little better but every now and then, it still happens.

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