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January 12th, 2008 at 03:16 pm

Hubby hates seafood. Even the smell. So, we don't go to a seafood restaurant with him. I try to have a good one on hand for when the relatives comes because they all like to try the seafood. Especially since we live near the coast. Since Hurricane Rita, there have been changes in the seafood restaurant selections. Some places have closed. One burned after the storm. There are a couple of Cajun style seafood places nearby, but I'm not too big on Cajun seasoning, although it is pretty terrific in fried turkeys. And I can eat a toned-down version in ettoufee, etc. But not really on my fish. There is a place we pass by every time we go visit the kids. It's not too far from where we live. I checked online to see if they offered something Hubby could eat. Hubby wanted me to practice driving the truck, since I'll be driving him home from the Big City after surgery. The truck is so much easier for him to get in and out of when he's all banged up. So, off we went to eat fishy stuff.

Not bad. I liked the selection of things you could order and the fact that you can order them something other than fried. I've run into that problem at other places around here. In addition, I substituted grilled veggies for the potato. Most of the time that means a couple of vegetables barely cooked. This time there was a big variety of vegetables grilled and filling half the plate. I pigged out on those. The place was in a little town and the patrons knew everyone there. They went all around the restaurant greeting neighbors and chatting. It was quite the atmosphere. I think that I can bring the folks here for a good meal. Not sure that Hubby will ever go again. But, at least he gave it a try. Did I mention he hates seafood.....

3 Responses to “Fishy.....”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    I hate seafood too but my dh loves it!

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Thats nice DH was a good sport about trying it. The resturant sounds very accomodating. Ummm!

  3. luxliving Says:

    Sounds like a fun place to eat if you are the 'stranger' in town. I'd rather be anonymous when I eat out, I grew up in a small town and moved away as soon as I could - I hated everyone knowing ALL my business. But, I hear that some people love that! Big Grin
    JanH, did your husband grow up inland?

    That may be why he isn't that into seafood. My mother just never cooked fish other than the ubiquitous 1960's tuna & potato chip casserole! }}}}EXCUSE ME, I think I just threw up in my mouth!{{{{{ Sorry! Big Grin
    Leaving me to learn to like seafood on my own as an adult. It is an acquired taste if you haven't grown up with it. Nice of him to give it the old college try for your sake!

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