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Third Time's the ......

January 9th, 2008 at 11:32 am

We finally caught up with DD this weekend and had our third Christmas. It was a fun time of relaxing and catching up. Hubby and I got back Sunday evening. And I've still got to go pick up our mail. Actually, it has been sorta fun not getting any mail--most of which I have to shred anyway. Got to get on those do not mail lists.

We called and finally got all our ducks in a row. Hubby has to have major surgery, and we needed to get all his tests and stuff all planned out. And to get all his down time planned out. I think his parents are coming so that will help with extra hands. I think we'll have to use a big chunk of our house repair fund to pay for the medical costs. We had saved his bonus for the house repairs, now we'll need it for Hubby repairs.

DD's tuition is due again. It costs about 1000 more each semester than DS's because of all the building the college has been doing. I hope she is there long enough to benefit from all the buildings we are helping to pay for! But she seems to be settling into this college thing. And that's good. And worth it.

I finally finished repainting the hallway. And I've got samples for the living room. But, I think I might start on Hubby's office next. Then, I can close the door on the fumes while he recovers. And it will keep me busy so I don't do him in. He suggested that he might change his will so that if he doesn't survive his time at home--I get nothing. I think he knows he will be going stir crazy, and I might be tempted to cash in his life insurance....

Seriously, we have to get some legal papers fixed up. I never thought of a medical power of attorney. And our outdated will only names DS and "other children" which makes DD feel kinda funny. And they don't need a guardian anymore. We've gotten assigned a new lawyer through New Company's new program with local attorneys. We just might need to do that since our last lawyer was arrested for trading legal services to prostitutes for sexual favors. Can we pick them or what....

3 Responses to “Third Time's the ......”

  1. luxliving Says:

    "We just might need to do that since our last lawyer was arrested for trading legal services to prostitutes for sexual favors. Can we pick them or what...."

    TOOOOOOO Funny!!!


  2. sagegirl Says:

    LOL-- you have me rolling this afternoon! So he thinks you might actually kill him at home this time or what? Just tell him you'll be killing him with love!!

    Thanks for the laugh--I needed it! Smile

  3. boomeyers Says:

    That is wonderful you have a little tucked away too cover the medical bills! Hope everything turns out all right. Keep us posted!

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