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Stand Up and Be Counted.....

December 31st, 2007 at 12:48 pm

Earlier in the year, we were picked as a Nielsen family for a week, then the government in its infinite wisdom picked us for a census thingy. They sent us a pamphlet during the middle of the holiday/birthday/graduation extravaganza and wanted us to fill out some information on our household. Oh, good grief, we didn't even have time to slap a stamp on a single Christmas card! But after a postcard with dire warnings that it is illegal not to fill it out and a second set of papers arriving just in case we misplaced the first ones, we decided we'd better take care of it. We looked it over carefully to see if the stuff was even legitimate. No giving out info for us if we can help it. Then, Hubby sat down to fill out a sheaf of papers on his medical history for his upcoming doc appointment and then filled out this bunch of questions. We were stumped on a couple. What do you answer if they ask your ethnic origin? We are basically mutts. I put down the major one or two that I knew, but Hubby had to just guess. Then, there was the question if our fire/flood insurance was paid for with our mortgage payment. Well.....yes, fire....no, flood and wind. So what do you put. Both? And what on earth does that have to do with anything, anyway? I'm sure there were reasons for them. Especially since the government is where the flood comes from anyway. And the state is where the wind stuff comes from. So, I guess there is a need to know. A couple even made us chuckle. I would just like to know who thought that sending this in the middle of a holiday season would get our attention. Sheesh, I'm still trying to catch up on filing our bills and shredding our regular junk....

1 Responses to “Stand Up and Be Counted.....”

  1. collegemomma Says:

    LOL! Leave it to the government to pick the most inopportune time to send out anything. I'm surprised they didn't wait until tax time!

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