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Strange Groceries.....

December 29th, 2007 at 03:43 pm

Hubby got a $50 gift card from New Company for a grocery chain in this area. We could have used it for holiday groceries, but we had a plan. We drove to a bigger city nearby that had one of their stores, but it is a megastore. With all kinds of departments including books, music, videos, some housewares, and about ten meat departments. We studied it when it opened and found that some groceries were cheaper, but others weren't. That was the last time we went there. However, Hubby wanted to buy some new music to listen to in his truck since he rarely listens to radio. So, we took the card and went off to the megastore to redeem it in the music department. They have a really well laid out department with the latest and then some. Hubby has a hard time spending money on himself, and this gift card was the best way to get him to spend some. He spent it just about dead-on. And he was a happy camper. Thanks New Company!

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