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Sing With Me.....

December 18th, 2007 at 03:47 pm

I now understand why I am going crazy. To the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas...

In the Holiday Season, my true love gave to me...

Five wonderful birthdays!
Four out of town trips
Three holidays
Two anniversaries (One a 50th)
And a Masters College Graduation!

I found out what had happened to me. I was told it was a hypomanic episode. I went about 36 hours with only an hour and a half sleep. Normally, no sleep would have made me a zombie. But, I was tugging things around in the attic and going through stuff and dragging out decorations and all kinds of stuff. I was also alternating between sorta normal and really angry and irritable. The professionals want me to take another med to keep me from extremes. But the stuff scared me. It has a life threatening side effect. I talked more at length with someone today that gave me more info and I am going to try a miniscule amount in January.

A big thank you to Miclason and Lux for your kind thoughts. I really appreciated it. And to those who sent good thoughts my way. I am doing fine now, much more aware though! Still stuff to learn....

DD's schedule got changed and I spent a few days with her before she left on her trip. It was a wonderful mom/daughter time. I love those....

Hubby is going to have an MRI tomorrow. Something is wrong with his neck. He got rear ended on the freeway several years ago. I'm wondering if there was an injury there combined with getting older. Things wear out. I am hoping for the best and no surgery involved.

I can't believe I've got to get out and do a tad more shopping. One gift was left out of a shipment, but it will eventually arrive. But another is being given by someone else and I have to rethink this one. Should be nuts out there about now. I mailed a box today to a family and their back-ordered gift arrived thirty minutes after I got home. This will be funny one day....

I hope everyone is well. I've got to sit down and read the entries and catch up!

I love the days leading up to Christmas Day. They just seem magical....

1 Responses to “Sing With Me.....”

  1. luxliving Says:

    There you are! Great to 'see' you - you appear to be feeling more chipper!

    Good luck w/your husband's test tomorrow, hope all goes well!

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