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October 22nd, 2007 at 12:35 pm

With the water cooler. Well, the one that comes with the water delivery people. Gosh, I've been renting this thing forever. It's a nominal fee, and they haven't raised my costs in the whole long relationship with them. Even for the water. I found that out when they issued me a small fuel charge. I kinda wondered because nothing stays the same cost for years and years. But the little fee for the cooler is money I don't have to spend every month. And the cooler is getting decrepit. So, we went out this weekend and used money saved up over the last year (thanks to advice learned here) and bought our own. This one heats and cools. Which I don't really think I want to use the electricity to do. I like the fact that you can unplug or turn off the buttons and just get regular temperature water. I still like my delivery service alot. I can't really drink the water here without it upsetting my stomach eventually. I thought about getting a purifier, but I would also have the cost of the filters. I don't have any waste with the delivery because the bottles are recycled. I guess the fuel to deliver it is a waste. But for years, I was after a major delivery at a hospital and they have to go past me to get to home base anyway.....justifying, I know. The only things that are a concern are that they might change my contract and up the cost of the water when I cancel the cooler and the taste problem. I cleaned and sanitized, but it still has a taste. The company assures me that it will be gone shortly. But yuck....

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