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Something's in the Attic......

October 13th, 2007 at 01:30 pm

Years ago, something got into the attic and ate the Christmas wreath. Across the street, a cat got into an attic and had kittens. They had to pull boards off the eaves to get them out. Now, I've heard another Thing in the attic. We have possums and rats next door in their storage building, plus oodles of squirrels and cats on the loose. But this Thing is chewing on something. It scares me, not that I am worried about the stuff up there, but I don't want it to eat anything crucial. Like wiring, or the heating unit, or even through the PVC water pipes up there. I just got a notice from my termite exterminator people that I am due for my contract inspection. I am going to inquire whether they do bigger pests. Not only that, with the cool weather, maybe I'll just go ahead and get rid of most of the stuff up there anyway. That way, Exterminator Man can get around easier and maybe find this critter. Sigh. Sometimes, nature has a way of getting me to do things that have been sitting on my list for a long time.....

2 Responses to “Something's in the Attic......”

  1. Amanda Says:

    That would creep me out.

    I remember coming home from school one day in elementary school, and there were hundreds of flies all over the windows. My mom sent us to the neighbor while she called my dad. Something died in the attic, I don't know what ... but I still remember the windows.

  2. Long Story Short Says:

    Something died in my attic once & made my house smell really bad for a couple of days.

    I actually paid somebody to clean out my attic. Two young guys got up there & removed & hauled off all the junk. I felt so much lighter afterwards. It was not the kind of job I could do myself, and it was well worth the money spent....

    I agree, though, the critters could really do some damage $$

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