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Pack Rat.....

October 6th, 2007 at 09:46 am

The people here who know these things have said officially that they feel that our portion of hurricane season is over! It usually happens around October, but I've been holding out until I heard the words. So, yesterday, I unpacked the food supplies and returned them to the pantry. I need to make a new inventory so I can use these things up. I like to refresh the supplies starting in the spring so that we aren't finding expired stuff.

Today, I just might start unpacking my suitcases. Between the storm season and the new grandbaby, I've been living out of the suitcase for a couple of months. I was just repacking a lot, so I just decided to live out of it. Worked well for me.

This week, I need to unpack the financials. I have bill receipts that I need to file. Hubby did a great job of finishing packing them up for me. I hate to undo such a neat job, but I sorta need to get into them by now.

I think I'll also unpack the special items. Things that I pack into lower back cabinets so they won't blow away or other things into bins so they might be spared from water damage. And the stuff stored in the deep freeze. I'll need to use the freezer in November. Time to clear it out and plug it in again.

On a financial note, I'm going to keep these new things that Hubby bought for file storage. I'm not going to find another use for them in the meanwhile. I'll just store them with old files or something until next year. Then, I won't be buying something else for next time. Also, I'm going to be able to use those pantry food items and save some grocery money.

Wow, time to do cartwheels, send up thankful prayers, and UNPACK.....Yippee!

1 Responses to “Pack Rat.....”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Glad you came out of it relatively unscathed!! I can't believe hurricane season is almost over! It has been so quiet!

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