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Prime Time......

October 3rd, 2007 at 01:02 pm

Lost my blog entry....here we go again....

I have gotten out the primer and bought some new equipment, and I'm off the starting line for painting the inside and outside of the house. This is going to take the next three months as I am really slow at this....

Right after my crazy shopping binge, Hubby brought home a bonus check. What a gift! And perfect timing. We're going to use it for the house stuff because it really, really needs to be done right NOW. This will help me be able to keep on debt payoff without stopping because I was concerned I would need the money instead for the house. Whew!

I had a good comment from CeeJay74 on my last entry about maybe returning some items from my shopping spree. Good thought. It made me go over all the stuff. I realized that I had done better than I thought. Not in total money spent, but that I had gotten most things 50 to 70 percent off and even some for free, using sales, store coupons, and gift cards. I still might return a couple of things. One item in particular makes me go, Huh? Also, I am relieved that most items are definitely things that I will use. The therapist laughed and reminded me that I haven't done this in a very long while. I still feel a bit guilty. Hubby said not to worry, and he even let me use a tad of the bonus money to start a laptop fund for me. I can then take my budgets and information with me when I travel to visit the kids. And it will be a lot easier in hurricane season. I am so excited about this, but after going crazy at the stores, I'm keeping things under control and doing this carefully and logically. I'm saving up for it. Lesson learned......

1 Responses to “Prime Time......”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Woo hoo! A bonus check - awesome! Smile

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