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Bare Bones.....

September 18th, 2007 at 01:04 pm

I came home to help Hubby catch up after Humberto. And because his parents are arriving tomorrow. Hope they don't expect much because I'm still working on it. I've about dug Hubby out of under all the laundry he had waiting and the dishes and the bill paying. Granted, he usually does quite well, but the workload he's been under since the storm and combined with the week that his friend passed away has gotten him far behind. This is when you find out they realize how much you do at home.

I spent a short period stripping the fridge of all the spoiled stuff and the stuff that refroze after we got power back on. That eliminated everything left in the freezer. Nothing left in there but a couple of freezer packs and a paintbrush. The fridge looks like when we first got it. It has a few condiments, a thing of cheese, and of course, chocolate. Pretty bare. I'm not going to buy much until we find out where the storm they are predicting for the gulf goes this weekend. Before I left to see DGD, I stripped the pantry for Hubby to see what to use and take if he evacuated while I was gone. So that is in bins and the pantry is sorta bare, too.

The beds are stripped and bare, the baths are fairly bare until the towels finish drying. The only thing not bare is my desk. Piles of bills to be paid and papers to be filed. Funny thing is, the files are in boxes to evacuate, too. Hubby finished that up for me while I was gone. So the filing thingys are bare, also. And the walls are bare. I took most things down when I left in case that a window or two blew and things wouldn't blow around so much. A few of them were gifts from family members, and I'd like to keep them. I will be SO glad when hurricane season is over and I can put everything back where it belongs. And fill the fridge back up with goodies--on sale of course....

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