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August 2nd, 2007 at 11:00 am

I got tired of things in the pantry closet falling off the shelves and onto my toes. I decided that a little redo was in order. I had a couple of things to add in there and didn't have any where for them to go. So I started reorganizing things to accommodate them and stop the avalanches. What I had was ants. Not the itty bitty things that show up randomly around the house, but some big, black things. I assume they were run in by the monsoons we've been having. There is an access door in the bottom section of the pantry that the termite people use to inspect the bathroom plumbing in that area, so I am assuming that's where they were coming from. The pantry itself is in a hall with a bathroom behind it. The rest of the house is on a slab. Not that there couldn't be accesses from cracks. So a little do-over turned into ant tracking. I only had to discard a couple of items, the rest was okay. But I realized I need another storage strategy. I might have to store more in sealed containers. It would make things easier to stack. Probably need to invest in something. In addition, I found a couple of items on my to-buy list that I didn't realize I had stocked. I do have a master list for hurricane supplies, but the other baking/cooking supplies don't have a list. I need to rethink that or I'll waste money on things going bad or on things that have multiples in the closet. At least I have a central place now. That was step one. Seems I haven't completed the task. I probably wouldn't have done as massive a redo if I hadn't found ants. Guess I should thank the little critters.....

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