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Little Showers of Savings....

July 11th, 2007 at 11:52 am

I must have done something right. I just got my water, sewer, garbage bill for last month. And it was 10 less than the bill before. I do know that they used to only read the meter every other month and estimate one month based on past bills. If still true, that means that my bill dropped an average of 5 per month over the last two months. I'll need to get the files and check to see how much usage that means and if it will go any further. Could be that there is a level beyond which it won't drop because of flat rates per certain level of usage. That's okay. I'm so tickled that something is working.

I did time my shower this morning and found out that I can take a comfortable, unhurried, shower in about 6 minutes. However, DD is coming home this weekend for a couple of days, and she has her daddy's love of LONG HOT showers. So, I might be balancing her out for a few days. That's also okay.

I also have on track to save about 40 percent on my grocery budget this month. Course I have through Saturday before this one expires. It will counteract some of the other goofy things I did this month....

3 Responses to “Little Showers of Savings....”

  1. Jenniflower Says:

    My husband likes to take long showers, too! I try to balance him out by keeping mine at about 5 minutes. Smile Good luck on your groceries and utilities! Smile

  2. mbkonef Says:

    What is it with men and long showers? My DH has no problem taking a 30 minute shower most mornings. And I mean 30 minutes in the shower! He has very short hair and does not shave in the shower so what gives. I ask him what takes so long, his answer "I'm relaxing"!

  3. Mrs. Thrifty Says:

    You are doing great. I wish you great success with your grocery budget.

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