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Moving Along.....

June 19th, 2007 at 07:49 am

helping another set of kids move is where I've been hanging out lately. A month ago, we helped DD move, this time DS and DIL were moving. In addition, they were slightly downsizing, so they had to go through their stuff and make a ton of decisions. They did really well. I supplied some suggestions, another pair of hands and sweat. The periodic rain drove them crazy, but I loved that it cooled it down. Fortunately, they have some friends helping with the furniture and DD helped a lot the first couple of days carrying, papering kitchen cabinets, and washing up stuff. I boxed and cleaned and whatever was needed. I tend to do well with the boxing up part. I had some extra gas expense getting there, but not that much while there. I stayed in one place a lot. We did have a lot of eating out expenses, but we had a chance to get away, talk, relax, and laugh. It was good therapy for the kids. The whole moving thing was getting to them by the end. I talked to Hubby about the expenses. He agreed that since our budget has been challenged twice with moving trips and since our vacation (supposed to have been this past week anyway) had been canceled even before this came up, we would use our vacation money to pay for the food bills. I stayed with DD because a friend was staying with DS so my expenses were mainly food. The workout was as good as a gym's and I got to eat and hang out with the kids. They each gave me some cool things that I brought home to use. Also, DD made me a terrific apple pie. DS got me some CDs of music one of the groups he played with recorded this spring that I can't wait to listen to. I don't know why I put them in the trunk and didn't listen to it on the way home. Sheesh. DD paid for me a meal and a book. DS and DIL bought me a meal. We spent some good times together in the first move, also. Getting food, going to a school concert, getting desserts. A bit of shopping. So both moves add up to a mini vacation for me.

Hubby badly twisted his knee while I was gone so he's been laid up trying to get well. He missed coming with the truck and helping this time. He also missed hanging with the kids for Father's Day. We'll try to make it up for him. He also had to leave the housework for me. Oh well. And I have to mow the yard for him this evening. Sigh....my vacation is over....

2 Responses to “Moving Along.....”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Poor DH! Fathers Day by himself not feeling good! Frown I'm glad you had such a good time. I know it is really special to spend time with your kids once they are grown and gone. The opportunities are rare.
    You are so sweet to mow the lawn for DH! Think of the great work out your getting and treat yourself to ice cream afterwards!

  2. JanH Says:

    Boo, I absolutely craved ice cream when I finished the lawn! Too bad there wasn't any left. I'm definitely going to remedy that situation next time I go to the store!

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