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Screeching Halt.....

May 31st, 2007 at 10:35 am

from what I hear about Hubby's truck brakes. So, today we will be taking the truck in for a brake job. Don't know for sure what all is going on with them, so we'll just have to see. But both Hubby and DD (Hubby helped her finish moving) say that the truck is screeching. Hubby is getting with the program real well because he asked to use the truck tire money for the brakes for now. I have a fund for auto repairs/maintenance, but he knows I have been wanting to get my problem window fixed before hurricane season gets really underway. You can't evacuate so slowly with the windows rolled up and no air conditioning running. The last time it was over 110 in the car with the windows rolled down. You don't generate much air at 2 mph. But without it, I would die in there. So I need that pronto. Been waiting for all the kid stuff to be settled as much as possible, then my car goes into the shop.

DD has asked when I am going to start her budget money. Starting time is June 1. I've been making a list of her bills and adding in those extras you need as a college student. Then I'll divide it up into biweekly deposits. Might even set it up as an automatic payment. Then off she goes! She is so ready for this.

I broke down and used some of the clothing budget. My belt was breaking in two and my everyday watch was falling apart. Bought each for less than 15 dollars though. I don't need anything expensive for everyday wear. I am too rough on things as it is.

Trying to get this #&%@ shredder apart again. This might be the last straw....

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  1. fern Says:

    my brakes arent' screeching yet but the auto shop said i'd need to replace the rear brake pads in about 2,000 miles. That was well over a year ago....i don't do too much driving and hate to bring it in cus no matter what it usuallye nds up cost around $500.

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