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The Stuffed Frog.....

May 23rd, 2007 at 06:59 am

DD had change everywhere. During the big Apartment Cleanout, I found change in purses, drawers, little containers, and on the furniture. It was obvious that outside of quarters for the laundry, she had no use for coins. I understand. I don't carry many coins either. But I do love to collect them and roll them up. Since her new place comes equipped with a washer and dryer, she has no need of quarters either. So I collected all the change in a sturdy baggie and asked her if I could have it. No problem. I brought it home and Hubby confiscated the quarters for his purposes and I loaded up the piggy...er...froggy bank with the rest. He ended up being totally stuffed with the additional coins. Last night we received Hubby's gas expense check for two of his trips. I realized that I was only short a little over 20 dollars to complete the truck tires fund if I added the expense check to it. So I hefted the frog and emptied him. I sorted, counted, and rolled. In the end, I had more than enough to finish the fund. And it was all in pennies, nickels, and dimes. Today after my appointment, I will take the check and the coins to the bank and add them to the fund. Awesome! Thanks to DD and the frog...

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  1. monkeymama Says:


  2. Aleta Says:

    I find it amazing how much money just sits around in different areas of the house. We had the same situation. That was one of the ways I started my $20. challenge, plus my grocery coupons, found money in street, rebates, pennies from everyone in the house. It really adds up.

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