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Well Blow Me Down...

May 22nd, 2007 at 10:36 am

as Popeye used to say. I went to my appointment with the insurance ladies yesterday. I missed a deadline to retain windstorm coverage with them by three weeks. I didn't move my auto insurance and consolidate in time. Actually, I didn't even know about the deadline until it was too late. It's like losing by one point. I would rather lose by 5 and I would have rather missed the deadline by 3 months. Oh well. I did get the state's coverage. It cost me almost 1000. So an adjustment in the ole budget is going to be made. I have to start saving for next year's payment. Thank goodness that's being taken care of with the hurricane season lurking. Going to be putting the deductibles away for safe keeping.

Went to the dentist today for cleaning, but no cost. Going to the therapy/life coach appointment this afternoon. Will be a co-pay, but that's in the budget. I did stop and do a no-no. I bought a coke and a snack. Tomorrow, I get my haircut...also in the budget. Next week is my meds appointment...in the budget. Hopefully, that's it for a bit.

I have to pay DD's tuition for summer session either today or tomorrow. Hubby wants me to put more on the debt payments, but with big whopper of payments going out to things this month, I've been holding out on him. Just don't tell, okay?

Brought some books back from DD's apartment cleanout to read so that might help keep me out of the bookstores. And I have a lot of house repairs to go. Dragged the old carpet out to the street for this week's pickup so I have room in the garage to start on the next project. Need to do some wallpaper removal and painting. Steady as she goes folks.....

1 Responses to “Well Blow Me Down...”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Wow! You are busy!
    That stinks that you are so tied to the insurance. Here they fight for your business, there I am sure you are trapped by who will cover you and for how much. With State Farm up here, you can always consolidate with all your property and save!
    Great job hauling out the carpet! I love getting rid of stuff!

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