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Another check.....

May 7th, 2007 at 08:22 am

came in the mail this weekend. Thanks, Homebody, for sending good vibes this way for unexpected checks! This one was a refund from our escrow. We'd been paying in too much since I changed the homeowner's insurance. They review once a year, so I didn't know if they could change it and just left it as it was. Now, not only did we get a refund, but the payment will go down this year. At first, we thought we'd apply the extras to the mortgage, but our mortgage is one of the least of our debts. And with a low interest rate. So a review of circumstances was in order. I finally decided to apply part of the funds to the fence--especially since Hubby had to warn the kiddoes behind us to stop climbing again. We just don't want someone getting hurt. So I suppose we'll try to get our yard closed off by the summer and they are all out of school. Just safer for them and the dogs can roam freely again. Then the rest will be applied to a new category. Hubby's truck needs tires. He's going to be doing a bit of traveling back and forth between cities here to various plants and needs to be safe. Those truck tires cost a pretty penny, so we'll go toward that. Now that check is settled, someone send me another check.....

3 Responses to “Another check.....”

  1. homebody Says:

    Happy to help! Congrats, now what vibes do you need sent next? My DH did a huge amount of yard work this weekend, does your DH need to do some, I could send those???

  2. JanH Says:

    Hubby was superenergized this weekend in the yard....but I could use good vibes for DD's finals. There is one she has got to do well on......I'm trying to send good thoughts her way while she studies. Thanks!

  3. rockytop97 Says:

    I would agree that a fence is important to keep the kids safe. I think being debt-free would be more important to me than building a fence. Paying off credit cards, student loans, and vehicles would allow you to build a nice fence with cash. Smile

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