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Neat Stuff.....

May 4th, 2007 at 09:02 am

is what filled yesterday. I got a call from DS that their ultrasound showed the grandbaby healthy and sweet. Later last night, DD sent me some pictures of the ultrasound pictures. (She went, too!) It's amazing what they look like now compared to a little more than twenty years ago when I had one! You can really see the baby! How cool!

DD called and she has gotten the little house that she was hoping to rent. I was SO happy for her. Brand new so that her allergies won't be acting up with old wood and old carpets. She will also have a roomie so that expenses actually will be going down. So not only will she be budgeting on her own, the bills will be going down in a month or so. I was very glad to have the mini fund set up so I could go ahead and give her the deposit money without any squeeze on the budgets. I SO appreciate what I've learned here!

We've decided to set apart a fund for house repairs. Going to take some of our bigger fund and set it aside to draw from. That way, we won't be getting regularly into the emergency funds for household stuff. I have a household fund, but I've only used it for plumbing, etc., and would really need to space out repairs to let it build up between each one. This way, I'll take the money we set aside each month for household maintenance and return it to the big fund to replace the money we are setting aside. Same thing, but having that bigger amount lets us go ahead with more projects, but sets a limit on the repairs so we don't go crazy and do too much this year. Can't afford to rebuild the house all at once. I have a feeling this is a multiyear project!

We went to see DS's last performance at school this week. And learned he had received an award! A long enjoyable experience for me is closing. And DD is moving on in life, too. But it looks like after yesterday that new adventures await....!

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