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Getting Smarter.....

April 19th, 2007 at 11:57 am

about eating out. We've been doing much better with our eating out dollars. We plan more and try to be smarter about it. Often, we split meals. I'm still working on Hubby getting water instead of a drink, but he's getting on board with most of it. Yesterday, though, he ate lunch out with a co-worker who paid for the meal. He had Chinese and had leftover rice and an eggroll. He didn't bring it home. I could have used those as a leftover lunch. He promised to do better next time. This week, we broke down after several months and gave in to the pizza craving. We used a coupon and got the pizza for 8.55 total. Hubby's half lasted two meals, mine four. So it only cost us about 1.43 per meal. I am still working on avoiding fast food, but occasionally something just screams your name......

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