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Negative Numbers.....

April 16th, 2007 at 09:35 am

are in WAY too many categories at the end of this budgeting month. It ended on the 14th, and as I transferred the funds to Christmas Club and whatever, I took a really good look. Yikes! Of course, Hubby will get some back on the gasoline budget because of a company trip, but the fun categories were off kilter. The bright spot was groceries. I had 35 dollars left out of 200. That was a first. I usually hit close to zero on that one. But I really have to clamp down on the rest. Sheesh.

I've decided to change the way I do the $20 challenge. I can't really pay myself for things as much because I account for every dollar. So I decided to review the final results for the months of this year. I have a total at the bottom of my budget sheet that represents where I have saved money in each column. That's where the eat at home, not spend on clothes, not use gas monies show up. In the little savings each month. They add up. So I decided to keep on trying to save on water, food, gasoline, electricity, etc., and use those totals as my challenge money. Because it is a challenge to figure out ways to conserve and not spend. Because now, I drink my own water and eat my own food and so forth. I will add up all the little dollars here and there. And those negative numbers are subtracted out. So I only have what I actually did save. The only snag I see is that January falls in the middle of my first month (Dec. 15-Jan. 14)so I will count only half of that one.

Totals: Dec./Jan. 173
Jan./Feb. 337
Feb./Mar. 313
Mar./Apr. 106
$20 challenge total so far...929

So far so good. At this rate, hopefully I'll have 3000 at the end of the year. That will be my goal. Now, I'm off to unplug the television and the microwave....

1 Responses to “Negative Numbers.....”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Wow! What great totals. Thats the best thing about the $20 challenge, you can make it to fit however you want! And look how much you did! Lots more than $20. As for the negatives, well.... that's life!

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