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And They're Off.....

April 13th, 2007 at 08:33 am

tax papers to the IRS! I always feel relief to get those done. I even hand delivered them to the post office to make sure they got on their way. I love our post guys and gals, but they walk a long way around our neighborhood. A nice kiddo delivered an errant piece of mail to us the other day that got misdelivered to his house. Doesn't happen often, but I sure wanted the tax papers in the brick building and on their way. We're getting around 400 back and that will finish off the fence fund. It's exciting that we have a fund almost completely funded--outside of last year's Christmas Club, I haven't had that success yet.

Looks like the budget took a hit on the kids front this month. We saw various combinations of the kids three different times this month. That includes gas, some eating out, etc. It was so worth it, but I find myself not wanting my end of month savings totals to go down very much. I'll have to save in other areas. And that's okay.

Wow, the hardware store was packed with people yesterday. I guess we are all in that period of time here where we can actually do some outside repairs and inside planning before the extreme heat and humidity hits and we melt just breathing. I picked up paint samples and other small things. I used the new self check out. Since those poor people have a ton of checkouts, but only two people working them, it takes forever sometimes. So I need to remember that I can check out those easy small things myself. Got the samples spread out all over the dining table. Making the decisions is the hard part for me. I am really glad I've been putting money into the household maintenance account. It took a big beating with the plumbing, but now I can buy paint supplies with it. Going to be a busy spring......

1 Responses to “And They're Off.....”

  1. littlegopher Says:

    I can relate, as we painted last summer and fall. Oh, the colors that are available! I love what we chose, though, and enjoy being surrounded by color, after many years with white walls. Have fun and best wishes!

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