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Fence Fund.....

March 30th, 2007 at 01:26 pm

is one of the places my extra monies have been going. The challenge monies that I haven't been real good at keeping up with is going in there. I've been doing the stuff I laid out, but I've not been keeping up with the amounts. I've just been putting the extra savings a month into various places. I do put some extra on credit cards, but I've been also building up various funds. Since the kids took all the beds, I have a bed fund. And I have a fence fund. Especially since the air gun has been visible behind us a lot. They shoot at squirrels and birds and have on one occasion hit our house. Today, I added a refund check into the fund. Funny thing is, the check is made out to Hubby, but it is for my mammogram/ultrasound that I had last year. And I paid the bill. Seemed sorta funny since Hubby doesn't get mammograms.....

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