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March 12th, 2007 at 11:05 am

in my teeth are becoming a hole in the pocketbook. I just had a filling replaced, and today I'm having a couple of tiny holes filled. I've put these off long enough. I have saved enough in the eye/dental fund, so it's going to be okay. The ironic thing is that my kids are off doing really cool things for spring break. Hubby is taking over for his boss this week and will be busy. And me....well I get to go to the dentist. But I've been putting this off, so it is better getting it done and over with. And it's a nasty, rainy day so it will go with my mood. I'll just come home and chill. Hubby will eat leftover steaks from grilling last night and I'll treat myself to comfort food. Why not, a filling is as good an excuse as any.....

3 Responses to “Holes.....”

  1. miclason Says:

    ((sunny weather)) going your way! ...just think: you're getting "new" teeth...GRRRRRRRRRRRROARRRRR.... Smile

  2. living_in_oz Says:

    Sitting at home and eating comfort food sounds pretty good to me!

  3. Amber Says:

    I know how you feel, I had a root canal and now my crown is next, you would think it would all be in one but noooo $300 here $300 there. This tooth is really costing me and I have another tooth that needs a root canal

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