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I am so #@*%#!

March 2nd, 2007 at 10:02 am

Hubby has called and tried to back out of something I really needed him to help me with today. It was a big deal to me. I knew that he still didn't feel well, and I tried my best to get him to slow down and not save the world the first week back to work. He didn't listen. I let it ride. Now, he's bailing on me. Work came first, I guess. Now, I know it is important, but this isn't the first time and won't be the last that I've felt less important than the job. Most of the time, I understand. But sheesh! Sometimes, I get tired of doing these things alone. This time I've insisted. But I know he doesn't feel well and that makes me feel bad, too. I'm going to feel awful about this either way. And it was supposed to be a happy thing.....

4 Responses to “I am so #@*%#!”

  1. rduell Says:

    I'm sorry, Jan! I know how it feels to come in in 2nd place. In our case it's not the job, but volunteer duties (EMT, volunteer fireman, church, Boy Scouts, ect.) HUGS!

  2. JanH Says:

    Thanks, rduell! I really needed the hugs and to vent!

  3. littlemama Says:

    I can empathise (sp.) with you. My husband is away a lot with his job. It seems he is either gone or home sleeping. So not much quality time with the family. But he is a good guy, so I cut him a little slack. It does get frusterating sometimes though, and when I get to the point of "no return", he will take some time off for family time.

  4. nance Says:

    I have had to accept that a man's career comes first, much of the time.
    My husband is a professional who has a demanding career, and he gives it 110 per cent. I sometimes resent that all of his energy goes into the job, and when he is home, he is often exhausted. I could be mad, but I'd be mad most of the time. I have learned to accept this as a fact of life, because it is not going to change in my case. Not the best situation, but I have made it work for me.

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