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The Library Sale....

February 7th, 2007 at 09:39 am

I have a friend who saves to go quilting in New England once a year. I also know someone who used to save all year to attend an ornament convention every year and loved it. Someone else buys dolls and make wonderful miniatures. My brother and family save to go on a ski trip or beach trip almost every year. I love books. All kinds of books.

My favorite event just for myself, is the big library sale. When I moved from the town where it is held, I paid to keep a library card and pre-internet, we used this library for the extensive reference and other sections for the kiddoes' school projects. I still keep it. I totally forgot about the sale until I received a notice about it. I had not set aside any monies in the budget toward it. I don't need any books, but that is beside the point. I absolutely love to go and browse. And buy. New authors, old authors. So I asked Hubby what he thought I should do. I didn't want to take the challenge money I'd saved. I didn't want to use monies that we accummulate like medical and stuff. I didn't want to use anything that we would need for the month (ending the 14th). And I didn't want to take monies out of emergency fund. We lit upon the clothes budget. We have hardly used the clothing monies in any given month. I've bought a purse and he's bought a couple of things like socks. This month, we have spent nothing. We both need to replace a belt and I need to replace tennis shoes, but those can wait until next month. So, I took the clothing money. And spent it all. I bought a lot of great children's books for that grandchild we might be having this year. I now have a mini library for children. A lot of our children's books were in the areas of the house damaged by the hurricane. And I bought books for myself. I love getting a hardback book I saw a few months ago for $1. Or less on the last day. I was reading one yesterday waiting for Hubby's truck to get its oil changed. And I love getting books that are from loved authors that you can't find as easily. Like a treasure hunt. I love books.

I have added in a line for the sale so I can save up for next year. I was grateful not to feel guilty about spending the money on something I love to do. You guys are right. A budget is freeing not restricting. Having a plan for fun stuff is a great idea!

Did I mention I love books.....?

3 Responses to “The Library Sale....”

  1. Frayed Buckeye Card Says:

    You pay to use the library? That is so foreign to me as in this part of the country, that is two states, there is no fee. Well, taxes!

  2. JanH Says:

    Frayed: if you don't live in the city where the library is, you have to pay a yearly fee for a card. For instance, my city's smaller library is free since I pay taxes in this city, but the city I left requires me now to pay a fee since I don't pay taxes in their city anymore. I have cards for both my free library and the old one. I could request books in the interlibrary loan for free, but the bigger library has night and weekend hours while the local one does not. And I'm sentimental I guess.

  3. KEALINA Says:

    wow... that makes me feel lucky... since our state is fairly small all the libraries are connected in a statewide system and we can use our "free" card to borrow from any library or request books from any library, which then get sent to our library or can be picked up...
    i think a little library loyalty is fine... we have our preferences too...

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