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January 30th, 2007 at 01:33 pm

It's another gloomy, rainy cold day outside, but that's okay with me. I kinda like those days. Makes me snuggle in and feel cozy. However, today I realized something. It's dark in here. I have been turning off lights and shutting off parts of house. Combined with unplugging things and making sure the washer/dryer is full each time. Not letting water run and so forth. I think it is helping. In just a short while, I have seen a decrease in my electric bill. I hope to see one in my gas bill, too. But with the lights off and it so gloomy outside....well it's dismal in here. Sitting in the glow of the computer monitor....waiting on the next thing to do on my list. I decided to light a couple of candles in here to at least give some light and a little atmosphere. Not to mention that some are gifts that smell really nice. I can't use those when Hubby is around because they make him congest. So, I rummaged in the cabinet and got out a couple of candles. I don't use the ones that smell like food much because they make me hungry. The glow is nice. Gives a little atmosphere....and is frugal.

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