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Kamikaze Kitty

January 23rd, 2007 at 10:04 am

We love DD's kitty. She's been staying with us for awhile now since her "mom" is back in school. DD misses her a lot, but the problem was that she is gone so much and also needs all that study time (kitty had a hard time letting her study--she loves attention), so kitty is a temporary visitor. I've never had a kitty before. The only experiences I had were kitties of other people. I never knew that she would be so loving and fun. Except when she turns kamikaze. She attacks Hubby around the legs. She sneak attacks me on the arm. I should be prepared. I know it is coming, but I get distracted. Today, I am reading blogs and drinking hot tea. Fortunately, the tea has cooled. Unfortunately, I had the drink in my hand when kitty attacked. She only attacks once, bounces off and runs away. That's it. No more attack. But she grabbed my tea arm. Tea splashed onto my keyboard. I have gently wiped it off, hoping that all the little droplets are just that. I have decided to make a separate list of items that will eventually go kaput and need replacement. Following great advice here (I think it was Lux--if I forgot someone, forgive me) and seeing others actively preparing, I have in the last couple of months set up a fund for appliances. I really need to make a list of said appliances and see how much I might need for replacing things. Sort of put more details into the goal. I am going to add in the computer since I am now keeping budgets and talking to relatives on it. Also, my buddies here keep me sane. Since I have on long sleeves, I got off easy with this attack. It's funny what things in life will make you ponder....

3 Responses to “Kamikaze Kitty”

  1. carol Says:

    LOL! That's some pretty funny pictures I have in my head right now!

  2. sarah Says:

    Cute. My kitties like to pounce on me too.

  3. fern Says:

    Give kitty a scratch behind the ear for me.

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