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The envelope please....

January 12th, 2007 at 09:48 am

Ahhh, basketball....Hubby used to play various sports. Even as an adult, he played in various basketball leagues until bad knees and failing eyesight sidelined him. So when his eyes lit up when the advertisement for the local college game came up, I knew.....

DS loves to go to the pro basketball games, but we tend to go to the college end of things. When DS was an undergraduate, he was in the marching band and chosen for the pep band, so we went to watch football and basketball games with the added bonus of seeing DS and friends. Their games were really inexpensive--for the tickets, not the food. Local college is expensive in the ticket department. I thought about it for a day and called Hubby in the afternoon (yesterday was the game) and asked if he still wanted to go. If so, which fund did we take the ticket money out of. This is the end of our month and funds are running out. So he had a choice--he had enough left in his vices fund or we could take money out of his pro baseball game envelope that we've been saving money in. He chose the envelope. I asked if we could at least eat at home and we did. Then took the money out of the envelope and off we went to the next town. Parking is free, the tickets were high, but we got good seats and had a win-win situation. Local team was playing DS's old college team so we could cheer for both. Game was exciting--score real close the whole time. But the smells of the snack bar almost did us in. They have everything at this snack bar--and the smells of cooking bread and popcorn were wafting about the arena. I was salivating. Hubby asked if I was going to get anything, but I resisted. Well, I squirmed and wrestled with it, then resisted. I brought a book so that I could read if I got restless instead of wandering around or eating. Hubby reminded me that we had 8 dollars left to spend. I still declined. He went off, but returned with nothing. This has never happened before. Attending something without snacks. Next time I might sneak in food. On the way home, I asked for the 8 dollars back for the envelope. He just grinned and said tomorrow's lunch....Oh well, by the next month's start on Monday, he'll have forgotten the rest of the vices money. There's enough to cover the money spent. I'll just sneak it off into the envelope....I mean...stealing money is a vice isn't it?

1 Responses to “The envelope please....”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Is it stealing, or robbing Peter to pay Paul? Sometimes you have to do both!

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