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January 8th, 2007 at 02:37 pm

Realized that was my condition today when I washed the dogs' bedding on handwash....Sheesh.

Have been working on the budget, fine tuning categories for the next budget month. This one ends on the 14th and I have a few more items to tend to there. I have added a couple more spreadsheets to break things down more--things like savings and credit cards. I also have a little extra this month that I haven't given DD from her part of the budget. Shhhh....don't tell her. She seems to be doing great without it.

We have been eating in since the new year started, so I am challenging us to make it at least two weeks before we eat anything out. Hopefully, we can go longer than that. I've been planning a ton of menus and we seem to have lots of groceries left from the holidays.

I've got one more gift card to spend and I've been making lists and planning what would be the most helpful. And to top it off, I only spent my Christmas money once. Hubby claims that in the past I've spent the same (gifts to me)money several times--saying this is part of my Christmas--without keeping track. I'll admit it here, he's right. Just don't tell him....

1 Responses to “Scatterbrained.....”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    I hear you on the Scatterbrain! I went into the Dress Barn today and told the lady I was looking for new Spring/Fall stuff. Huh? Spring or Fall? She looked at me like I had two heads!

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