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The Suitcase or What Was I Thinking?

December 19th, 2006 at 08:15 am

I needed another gift for DD. Since a gal pal of hers gave her a nice vanity case--cute, sorta pale lime green with white polka dots--for her birthday awhile back, I decided to find this little store and buy a matching tote thing so she had a thing to put some clothes in when she hops around the state visiting. I found the store without too much trouble and had to park down and across the street. No problem. Went into the store and, wow, they've got a lot of stuff, but I didn't see any obvious green/polka dot luggage. Since I was sorta wandering about, the lady asked if I needed help. I asked about the luggage. Turns out they don't carry it anymore. But, WAIT, she had something......She went into the back and I was just hoping it would be a big enough something for DD to carry a couple of day's worth of things in. She rolls out a HUGE suitcase. Light lime green with white polka dots. And did I mention HUGE? I just stood there and said it is a bit......large? She said that it is all that is left. I asked the price, thinking that it would be over 100 and I could just walk away. But she said I could have it for $35. Wow. Yep, she could put her whole wardrobe in there, including the vanity case. Yep, she'll never lose it on an airplane conveyor belt. Yep, she probably can NOT get it into her trunk...but I bought it anyway. Here I go. Rolling a huge lime green, dotted suitcase down and across the street. Didn't even try to get it into my trunk--just sat it on the front seat. I got home and hoped my neighbors (who think I am a bit strange) don't see me wheeling a green suitcase up the walk. I parked it in the entryway because I wanted to see Hubby's face. I left to mail a box, so I missed him by a few seconds. He was calling me when I got in the driveway. I just went inside to see what he thought. He was speechless. Needless to say, I'll have to buy a tree bag or something to put it in as wrapping. Or maybe they make humungous bags for people who lose their minds and buy things like this. She will be able to use it when going somewhere in her boyfriend's truck, but I have to come up with something else for her to carry in her car, I think. If nothing else, it will be a huge laugh at Christmas (pun intended).....

4 Responses to “The Suitcase or What Was I Thinking?”

  1. Gruntina Says:

    Ha-ha! Definitely a gift to remember. Maybe it can be used for a trip she goes on with her boyfriend and they share the luggage?

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I think that is so funny!!

  3. paigu Says:

    So is it larger than a 29"? Large suitcases are very useful for overseas trips. She definitely will have no problems spotting it on the baggage carousel! You might do something funny and hide something inside as part of the gift, too.

  4. moneycents Says:

    Very cute story.

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