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Santa Claws

December 11th, 2006 at 10:05 am

I don't know if we are going to put up the tree this year. A handful of years ago, we had a problem with pets and trees. Bigger dog never bothered anything in her life, unless it was edible by humans (or strange doggie poo in the yard--ewwww). That year, DD got little dog she saved for--right before Christmas. Cutest little puppy arrived on plane no less. Then DS arrived from college. DS's roommate had left his kitten--don't know who he thought would take care of it over the holiday, so DS had to bring it home with him since he was the last to leave. So we had a new puppy and a kitty. Soon after they arrived, Hubby and I went out to get a couple of last minute things. When we arrived home, there was no ornament or tree in sight. Everything was gone. DD sat in the living room. She said through clenched teeth that the tree was GONE for this year. She and a friend had repacked every ornament and tree limb and replaced all the boxes back into storage. What a job! Seems kitty and puppy were having a grand ole time climbing the tree, crawling through packages, getting stuck way in the back and driving DD crazy getting them out when they cried. This was when we still had the BIG tree. So we spent Christmas without the tree. Now, this year we still have little doggie, who doesn't bother the tree anymore. But we also have DD's kitty who LOVES tissue paper, bows, tape, wrapping paper, bags, ornaments, green growing things, etc. So Hubby and I have been contemplating no tree. We think we might put up DD's old little tree on the dining room table......

3 Responses to “Santa Claws”

  1. reginaastralis Says:

    We have this problem, but with a two year old. She's already broken two bulbs and her favorite ornament at the moment is one that my parents got back in 1992. On a sanddollar no less.

    Sigh. It might not help with the kitty, but they do make a baby gate that we use. LOL. I don't know if there is any reason for you to have it any other time, but it's called a play yard or something. We use it around the tree so the baby *and puppies* can't get into the tree or the presents. If you had any other reason for the playyard, it worked last year. We really need to put it up this year before there isn't a tree left.

  2. PRICEPLUS Says:

    These events make Christmas memories so much more memorable years down the line! Best of luck this year!

  3. mairgrif Says:

    Another tip - my parents would literally tie the tree to the wall when we were babies. Two ties - one on each side, so if the tree got pulled from in front, there were forces pulling back. I'd also suggest not putting up valuable ornaments until you know how the kitten will react to the tree. Some see it as a huge cat tree to climb on, others just play with the lower branches. Good luck.

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