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November 28th, 2006 at 08:48 pm

The day started out rocky. Woke up to Hubby very, very sick with a migraine. He took some more medicine and we both went back to sleep. Then he woke me up to call for him because he didn't have the number for his new boss. He gave me a number of a co-worker--or so he thought. I was still groggy so I called someone and left a message. It wasn't the co-worker. Don't know who got the message and in the shape I was in, no telling what I said or even if it was coherent. We both rested awhile longer, then he left to tackle work. Seems I was running in mud today. Did get some errands run and since I was in a slump, I knew better than to go into the stores and browse. I would have bought something. I did go to the hardware store where I checked out an advertised special on a device I had been needing. Turned out it doesn't start til the first of the month. I didn't read the fine print. Oh well. I'll try again. Can't believe I left without looking at anything else. We both got home and ate in, then I realized when I checked my calendar that Hubby had a haircut appointment--in five minutes. Good thing it is only a few blocks--he made it. I have realized that making financial plans and a budget has really helped. I ended up only spending for Christmas stamps if Hubby sends out his cards this year and for the out of state friends that we write, medicine already in the budget, and a couple of bills. And the haircut was in the budget. I can't imagine how I lived without it before.

We're bracing for the bad weather that is plaguing the rest of the country. It will be almost 80 here tomorrow and drop with wind chills into the teens by friday. That's a huge drop. And a couple of inches of rain. Weird to run the air conditioning to clear out the humidity one day and the heat to keep from freezing the next. I like things a lot more gradual than this. Especially since I have to be out in it this time. Yikes. Hard on the ole system. The 20+ mph winds are going to be awful.

I have been collecting lists the last couple of days. Going to try to get the rest of the information by the weekend. Then I will sit down and plan. I'm getting a late start on Christmas, but at least I am now moving forward.

Everyone take care of yourselves in the severe weather we all are having...

2 Responses to “Whew!”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I hope DH is feeling better...did he get in any trouble for not calling in to the right person???

    Once you see the benefits of a well planned budget...it really is amazing to think we once lived without one!!

    Enjoy your holiday shopping!

  2. janH Says:

    He didn't get into trouble. They might have thought he was wandering around somewhere in the plant with his phone off. I don't think he has a pager and radio yet from the new plant. One time he had a migraine and I was gone, some guys from the old plant came looking for him at our house because they were so worried--that's how little he takes sick days! I thought that was really sweet.

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