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Early Report....

November 23rd, 2006 at 08:45 am

Everyone is asleep. It's almost 11 here and DD and guy are still asleep. Hubby is napping in his chair--preturkey. Course he still wakes up at 5 or so. So I guess he was due a nap. Kitty is napping, too. Dogs are at the vet so that the chaos is a little controlled. DS and DIL will arrive this afternoon. Probably after their nap....

DD is cooking the turkey and stuffing. I wasn't going to cook my stuff til she was finished. The turkey is tiny--only 9 pounds. We have to do that because the oven is very old and small. So it won't take too long to cook. Our meal is in the evening since we are waiting on the rest of the bunch. So I have plenty of time.

I am contemplating making noise. Right now, the only noise in the house is the clicking of computer keys.......

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