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Extra Cook

November 22nd, 2006 at 07:18 am

DD called last night and she's coming home today. And she wants to cook the turkey and stuffing.....awesome! I need to go back to the store (shudder) and get the stuffing stuff because I really didn't think anyone liked it but me. Who cares--if she wants to cook it, I'll buy it. I bought so much to restock because I didn't know how many would be here how many days and needed meals. I told the checkout people that Hubby would get home 10 minutes after I unloaded the car. It was like 20 minutes. He carried in the water and the dogfood. Sheesh!

Hubby does like his new job real well so far. Nice to see him smiling when he comes home. And the boxes of reference books and materials have left to a new home. And he doesn't seem to have the really long hours like before. I really like that, too!

Not sure where everyone is going to sleep. I think we overlap for a day. DD and boyfriend here Wed. and Thurs.--then off to boyfriend's family. DS and DIL here Thurs. evening to Friday. Then they leave for a playoff ballgame that DIL has to attend or the wedding they were going to attend--whichever one they are able to go to. Hubby and I will chill on the weekend. We usually don't have time for each other on the holiday, so that will be nice. I think I will use the quiet time to plan the rest of my holiday shopping for the family. But I can't seem to get anybody's lists. My nephew has a sports injury that might require surgery, so his family is a bit busy right now. And my DS is just plain forgetful and hasn't answered the gazillion times I've asked. I'm going to give them a deadline--then they get whatever....

1 Responses to “Extra Cook”

  1. flinnie Says:

    It sweet that she wont to cook.
    You will have a house full.
    Happy Thankgiving.

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