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And it isn't even the holidays......

November 20th, 2006 at 08:24 am

What a week! Inlaws came in last Wednesday. Had a real nice dinner with them. DD came in Thursday. Spent about 12 hours Friday on the road with her doing all the doctor's appts. and stuff she had to do and loved spending the time with her. Went Saturday through Sunday to see DS perform. I have heard him play classical, jazz, funk, but classic rock and roll from the 50's era type music was a first and lots of fun. Returned to fill out papers for Hubby's new job--he doesn't know where all the numbers are buried in my files--and had a nice dinner with Inlaws. Collapsed in bed last night and slept 9 hours.

Hubby started new job today and he was happy anxious. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Either my drugs are working real well this time or Inlaws and myself are really having more of a meeting of the minds. We all seem to have changed somehow. It's fun to enjoy getting together! I think that FIL wants to come out in the spring and help me get some more "reconstruction" done on the outside of the house since I'm working on the inside this year. We had to replace some boards when we reroofed after the hurricane and the whole thing needs to be repainted and the front porch completely redone. He can do that sort of work real well--might have found the answer to my prayers!

On a financial note, I shudder to see what the damage is. In times like these, you have a lot of eating expenses. However, FIL has paid for most meals. We have paid for some and DS paid for one. It's been worth it though. Might need to budget for company visits. That way, we already have some set aside for gas and food.

The word from the HR department at the old company that Hubby gets paid the vacation he accrued for NEXT year! Taxes will be awful, but the money will be put to good use. Having been here awhile, my brain follows another pathway on what to do with it. We'll set it aside for now to evaluate it. Since he's been there so long, he gets several weeks' vacation pay. I am excited to perhaps replace the doors and invest the rest or pay off DD's tuition or ........

1 Responses to “And it isn't even the holidays......”

  1. jersey jen Says:

    hosting people is expensive. sometimes considerate in-laws would offer to take the hosts out or bring handsome gifts.

    wow, the company is great! when i left my last job, they kept all of my unused vacation days . . .

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