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Halloween Scrooge

October 31st, 2006 at 03:07 pm

This has been a crazy, exhausting day all around. My "goals" list should read "wishful thinking." And I battled the cold off, but it left me really, really tired. I spent the day running errands for other people and animals. Now Hubby calls stuck in construction traffic about to miss his haircut....and he's going out of town....

I think we'll just not do Halloween this year. The only thing we really do is give out candy to the little ones. After going through the religious debates several times, we decided on no decorations or celebrations, but we have a neighborhood that people drop their kids off into because it is safe and nice to kids. So we don't want to disappoint the little ones and have a ball seeing the cute costumes. But I think that I am just going to be a scrooge and rest this evening. I feel like road kill. Besides, we contributed a costume for our ladybug DD for her party this weekend. She was darn cute in that thing.

Paid some bills while on the road. Got some more to finish tomorrow, then I am through for this paycheck. Nice to see it all on the spreadsheet in black and white. Hubby showed me how to put "comments" on the numbers so I can pull up what on earth something is for-- like the pet meds. under pets. Will help me know exactly what each number represents. I like that idea. Not just a column of random numbers. After about 30 minutes, I wouldn't remember what that number was for without a way of notating it. There sure is a lot I don't know about computers!

Stay safe this Halloween!

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