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On Their Own...

October 30th, 2006 at 02:31 pm

It is a bittersweet moment when one of the grown younguns leaves to go "home." DD left to go back to school today, and I do feel a tug each time. But she is really maturing fast and I am happy for her.

Going to have leftovers tonight. I need to peruse the freezer and pantry to see what's in there for the week. We used up extra grocery money last week for some reason and we still have two weeks to go in our month. So I need to get creative. Peanut butter, anyone?

Got DS's old credit card bill in the mail. The one that I was targeting now to pay off. Seems the little rascal is using it again. Not for much, though. I have decided that I will monitor it for 3 months and let him know that I am cutting this one out. So that gives him time to figure out how to pay for those little things he puts on it. I will instead target a card that Hubby hasn't used in forever. That balance has been dropping quite nicely, so I think I will pay if off instead. We'll keep this one because we've had it a long time and it's connected to the credit union. It will be so easy to pay extra on it because the new branch is just down the road aways.

I now believe that paying off these things is much more fun than using them. Did I just say that?

1 Responses to “On Their Own...”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Reminds of the days when my son had a credit card of mine to use for books and supplies. All these charges kept coming through for $2-3. Turns out he was buying snacks at the bookstore so I would think it was just supplies. :-)

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